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It’s always our pleasure to help you.

Our call center team will be also happy to support you. You can call us through the “Contact us” menu option on your app - only during and shortly after your journey, to be able to offer the best service to all our customers.
We thrive to make our customers’ lives easy and affordable. We have made the following resources available to you to ensure that we are reliable and convenient:
The CABI mobile application on iOS and Android where you can book journey, view journey history, cancel upcoming bookings, invite friends, top-up credit, change language preference, plus many other features.

Our website with the same features available on the application and more, including editing bookings.

Our customer service agents who always go the extra mile to serve you. You can contact us by submitting a request on this site or calling our 24/7 hotline.

Once you’ve requested one of our licensed cars via our mobile app, online, or our 24/7 customer care team, our people work hard behind the scenes to ensure we find a Captain for you, and we strive to ensure your car arrives on time. Our Captains are trained in safe navigation and will find their way to your pickup location so you never need to direct them. We make our money by keeping a small portion of the fare.
CABI is a chauffeur-driven car booking service that offers convenient, reliable and comfortable travel every time. You can book a car to pick you up right away with our “CABI now” feature, or schedule a car to be picked up later with our “CABI later” feature. You can also conveniently schedule a car for multiple future dates simultaneously using our “Repeat” feature.

A booking can be made via our mobile app, online, or call our 24/7 friendly customer care team. You can keep track of your request in real-time and pay by cash, credit card. You can also rate your journey and view account history online.

To maintain a high standard of comfort and safety:
  • All cars on our platform are well-maintained
  • Our Captains are highly trained and professionally licensed by their local regulator
  • We personally inspect all cars and interview all Captains
On some occasions, due to network failures or other unforeseen reasons, the verification SMS may not be received properly on your mobile.

Kindly try to register again within 4 hours and you should receive the code. Please make sure the mobile number has been entered correctly preceded by the correct country code.

In case you haven’t received it after the second attempt, please submit a request below and provide the following information used to register your CABI account so we can help you resolve the matter. Please make sure to include your full name, mobile number and email address in the request submitted.
It is a code generated by our system when you sign up with CABI the first time. You should receive this code by SMS automatically right after clicking on Sign up.

The purpose of the verification code is to confirm that you are the owner of the mobile number listed to ensure the necessary security of your account.
Every new CABI customer has to register either on the website or our app by following the below steps:

Open the CABI website/app and tap on (Sign Up) and move on to the next screen.

You are offered to register by providing the requested information: full name, valid email address, and password (kindly choose a complex one for security, a valid mobile number (on which you will receive the verification code) and an optional promo code if you have one. Please tap on sign up after filling the relevant data.

Alternatively, you are offered to sign up to CABI services via Facebook.

You will be requested to enter a verification code (4 digits), which you will receive shortly via SMS after tapping on sign up.

Kindly enter the verification code and confirm. 

Congratulations! You are cabi now ready to enjoy your first journey with CABI!
If your app shows that you have a negative outstanding balance on your account, this may have caused your account to be blocked.

In order to keep enjoying CABI’s services, please top up your credit balance to unblock your account. For more information on how to do this, please visit the section "How do I top up my wallet?"

If you are unable to access your account, please try to reset the password by following the steps described in "I am unable to sign in".

If you have a different issue with your account, please submit a request below and we’ll be happy to help.
Before we see you go, we would love to be given another chance to regain your trust and provide a service that meets the standards we aspire to reach.

If we failed to meet your expectations, we are truly sorry and would appreciate your patience in providing us feedback so we can continue to improve our services. Please submit a request below so we can help make it up to you.
On the CABI app, follow these steps to change your language preference:
  • Click on "Settings"
  • Click on "Language"
  • Select your language preference
  • Click "Yes" to confirm; this will restart the app
On the CABI app, follow these steps to see your journey history:
  • Click "My journeys"
  • Click "HISTORY" to check your past journeys or "SCHEDULED" to see your upcoming journeys
You can update your profile by logging in to your account on our website, then click on "Hi, your name" on the top right, then click on "Profile", then "Edit Profile”. Update your profile information and click on "Save” to confirm.

You can also submit a request below and we’ll be glad to help you update your profile information.
If you are unable to sign in on our app, you can click on “Forgot password?” then enter your e-mail address and click “Send me a new password”. We will e-mail you a reset link to generate a new password.

You can also submit a request below and we’ll be glad to help by e-mailing you the reset link to generate a new password.
Only upcoming CABI LATER bookings can be modified. If you have a CABI LATER booking scheduled that you want to modify, please reply to the e-mail confirmation you received with the changes you want. You can also submit a request below with the requested changes and we’ll be happy to update the booking for you.

If for any reason you would like to cancel your booking, go to “My journeys” menu option or Upcoming journeys on the website, select the journey and press “Cancel”. Please note that cancellation fees apply. To understand more about why we charge cancellation fees please visit:
he easiest way to book a CABI journey is using our app. Once you have installed our app and signed up, follow the steps below to book a CABI car to pick you up:

Choose your car category: use the slider at the top of your screen to select a car category Set your pickup location: make sure the desired pickup location is entered by either moving the pin on the map, searching for a location, or choosing from your recent or saved locations Click on "Journey cabi now" (if you want to schedule a pickup for a cabi later time, select "Journey cabi later “instead) Before confirming the booking, make sure all the information entered is correct. You can add a promo code, change the payment method, or add a dropoff location to get a fare estimate for the journey Click on "YALLA!"
If Peak is in effect, your app will notify you about a temporary increase in prices. You will have to agree to this Peak pricing before you can complete the booking. Wait a few seconds for a Captain to accept your request. When this happens, your map will display the Captain’s location. The pin at your pickup location will show the Captain's expected time to arrival, and you will be informed when the Captain has arrived. Your app also displays your Captain’s name, car model, and license plate number to help you find him. Click on Call Captain to contact your Captain by text or phone call. After your journey, you can also rate your captain and your journey on a scale from 1 to 5 to let us know your experience. We continuously work on improving and providing the best experience possible based on your feedback. Enjoy your journey!
CABI offers different types of booking, mainly CABI NOW, CABI LATER and REPEAT.

CABI NOW bookings allow you to get the nearest car that is available and ready to pick you up for your journey.

CABI LATER bookings allow you to reserve a car at a certain time scheduled in advance.

REPEAT bookings allow you to reserve a car in advance at a certain time on multiple days.

For CABI LATER and REPEAT bookings, we guarantee that your Captain will arrive on time. If you had a journey and your Captain was late, please let us know by submitting a request below so we can make it up to you. Given the reliability promise with our CABI LATER booking service, its price is higher than CABI NOW bookings. Once a Captain is assigned to a CABI LATER booking, he will often turn down other businesses to fulfill the current accepted booking. So we compensate Captains more for this type of booking, hence the higher charges.
You will receive an SMS when a Captain is on the way to you and when the Captain has arrived. If you would like to disable these notifications, let us know by submitting a request below.

The journey receipt will be e-mailed to you after the end of every journey.
If you want to change the credit card for example because it is not valid. You know that and we will do this procedure with ease and speed. In this case you can pay on your balance or payment in cash
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    Cash payment Credit card payment journey wary credit
If the trip is canceled for any reason. The refore there is clarification of the cases that may occur for cancellation. Taking into account the principle of compensation of the Captain and the same time take into account the satisfaction of the guest:

No fees are charged: If the trip is canceled before it is accepted by the Captain.

If cancellation occurs 2 hours prior to the pickup time, no cost is incurred (even if a Captain has already been assigned).

For cancellations made within or less than 2 hours of pickup time, the cancellation fees is equal to the minimum fare for the city you're in.

For last minute cancellations, or in cases where the “Captain” has already arrived at the desired pickup location, the cancellation fees equals the minimum fare, plus waiting charges if any.

If cancellation occurs within 2 minutes of booking, there will be no cancellation fee.

Between 2 minutes of booking and the Captain arriving at your pickup location, the cancellation fee will be the minimum fare.

After the Captain has arrived, the cancellation fee will be the minimum fare plus any waiting charge.