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Cabi, a leading company in delivery and transportation technology solutions.
The company that works to provide the best transportation & delivery services, fast & secure in different regions through the mobile phone Application or Calling on the unified number.

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  • One touch booking
  • Ready for journey
  • Real TIME Tracking
  • PAY Easy
  • RATE Yourjourney

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One touch booking
Download CABI, and sign up to create an account. From here you can easily book a journey in minutes whenever you need one, and wherever you’re going.

home-pickup Ready for journey!

Our GPS automatically pick up your location. Select your car type and choose ‘Journey now’ or ‘Journey later’ depending on when you want to get going. Then, choose your drop off location for a fare Estimation.

anytime Real TIME Tracking

See where your CABI is in real time on the map. So you’ll know how long you have until the Captain reaches you, as well as how long until you reach your destination.

anytime RATE Your journey

Once your journey has ended, we encourage you to give us feedback. This can only make your next experience better!

home-pickup PAY Easy

We accept cash.

Our Prices

Base fare Minimum fare Per minute fare Per KM fare Government fee
Economy SR 5 SR 8 SR 0.28 SR 0.9 SR 0.5

*Prices exclude (5%) VAT

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