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Terms of Service

  • Offer is valid for a limited period only.
  • CAB4U is only for new customers and can be used only once up to 25 KMs.
  • WOW50 is discount of 50% to all customers on all rides until the offer ends.
  • One Year Free Ride winners will be decided by CABI based on the maximum number of trips done by a passenger (promo and non-promo trips) starting from 14th Feb 2019 until 31-Mar-2019.
  • Winners will be selected by CABI on 11th-April-2019.
  • Maximum of 10 passengers will be selected as One Year Free Ride winners depending upon their trip history.
  • One Year Free Ride winners will be announced by CABI through CABI official channels only.
  • All Promo codes can be applied only through Cabi guest app before requesting the ride.
  • All Promo codes are valid only for trips of 25 kms or less.
  • Offer is valid for maximum one hour trip with in Jeddah and Riyadh Only.
  • Promo code can be used by passengers only for the requested pick up and drop off locations.
  • Full amount of the trip will be charged in case the trip exceeds the price, kilometers or hour limit.
  • No compensation will be made in case passenger cancel the request after the code has been applied successfully and ride has been started by the driver.
  • CABI has the right to stop these offers at any time without informing the customers.
  • All Promo codes cannot be redeemed into cash.
  • Cabi has the right to permanently block any One Year Free Ride winner if found doing fraud within the wining period and their winning prize will be void from the same date of fraud.
  • Cabi has the right to permanently block all other customers if found doing fraud with the company.
For support please call: 92 000 6732